Dairy Farm Commercial Laundry

Ken Doyle, Tech Services, Detergent Solutions Great LakesDairy farms were hit hard with the lowest prices for their milk in 2009.  Now that class I milk prices are around $17.00 per hundred pounds things are getting better once again.  This is a great time to run the numbers and see if a commercial laundry can increase your farms profits.

If your using paper dairy towels you can save money by switching to cotton or preferably microfiber dairy towels.  Paper towels run about $34.50 for a case of Kimberly Clark L10 dairy towels, that translates to about 3 cents per towel.   By installing a Commercial Washer and Tumbler from Speed Queen or IPSO, purchasing our Earth Choice Oxy Laundry Detergent and using Microfiber dairy towels we are able to reduce the cost to less than a penny per cow per milking.

Bleich Dairy Farm in Hudson, Michigan has 650 cows that are milked 3 times per day.  They were  using a service that was charging them $300 per month.  The service included use of 3 top load washer and dryers, service, microfiber towels and soap.  The top load washers held about 15 lbs of towels and consumed 75 Gallons of water per wash.  Drying the towels cost 90 minutes of LP gas to dry each load.Bleich Dairy Speed Queen Laundry (55lb Tumbler, 40lb Washer)

Eric Bleich said “the numbers make sense” and he purchased a 40lb 100 G-Force Speed Queen washer and a 55lb LP Gas Tumbler.  With the 40lb washer they are going to be able to reduce the number of washes by 66%.  Water consumption  to 79 gallons per load or 35% of the water used by the top load washers.  The program designed to wash the microfiber dairy towels, only uses 2 ounces of detergent for 400 towels.   Because the washer also extracts the towels until they are almost dry, we are able to complete the drying in 15-16 minutes.  Eric is “looking forward to seeing the significant savings on his LP gas bill”.

If your Milking 75 cows or 7500,  Detergent Solutions can come up with a solution to meet your dairy farm’s needs.  We have both financing and leasing options that can make a purchase affordable.

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