Waltonwood Assisted Living Quantum Leaps

Waltonwoods Quantum Frontload Speed Queens

I got a call last March from Chris Pavlinac, the Regional Facilities Manager for Singh Management Co., LLC.  Chris told me that was “sick of replacing worn out home style laundry equipment”  that he had been purchasing from a big box retailer.    Singh Management agreed to let Chris try 2 Quantum Front Load Washers and 2 matching Dryers at their Twelve Oaks- Novi, MI location.

Speed Queen On-Premise Quantum Washers and Dryers are programmable so that we can change the cycles to match the needs of your faciity.  Detergent Solutions can even set these machine up to automatically dispense our Earth Choice Laundry Detergent and Softener in your wash.  Your employees just sort the laundry and hit start.

I am glad to report that the machines are holding up. Singh has purchased  a 60lb Quantum Washer Extractor, their first 75lb Tumbler, 4 more Quantum Front Load Washers with matching dryers.

Start a chat with us  or call 888-338-7468 to see how you can stop replacing laundry equipment at your assisted living home or group home.