Flash Cash Coming to Detroit

Flash Cash RFID Contactless Payment System
Detergent Solutions is an IPSO coin laundry equipment and Greenwald Industries distributor in Sterling Heights, Michigan. We will be converting Millennium Coin Laundry from the current debit key system that they are currently using to Greenwald’s Flash Cash contactless payment system this winter. Millennium is the first coin laundry in the mid west to receive the Flash Cash system.

Flash Cash differs from the traditional smart card systems that use a copper micro chip which can be damaged over time. Flash Cash cards have RFID built within the card and cost less to operate. Millennium Coin Laundry is located in Lincoln Park, Michigan but the owner lives over an hour away. Using an internet browser form anywhere in the world you can run numerous reports and take control of the laundromat.

Greenwald/Detergent Solutions are going to convert Millennium’s existing Maytag coin washers and Maytag coin tumblers from the debit key product to Flash Cash. Millennium customers will also be enjoying 29 new IPSO Frontload Washers. Millennium will become the destination of choice for doing your laundry downriver.
Millennium Coin Laundry Location