Consumes Organic Waste Malodors

Eucalyptus BioOdor Digester is a special blend of nonpathogenic, active, bacterial cultures and eucalyptus odor counteractant designed to control malodors caused by organic waste such as decaying food, garbage, fecal matter and urine, etc. A ready-to-use formula that penetrates deep down into cracks and crevices and actually consumes organic waste found in hard-to-reach areas. Eucalyptus BioOdor Digester is a odor control treatment for foodservice waste in dumpsters, trash rooms, garbage cans and trash bins. Removes organic waste odors on carpet and water-safe, colorfast fabrics such as clothing, drapery, upholstery, etc. Can be used in restrooms or around building exteriors, on grout, concrete walls, sidewalks, pavements, etc.

Eucalyptus BioOdor Digester can be sprayed directly on urine deposits to eliminate odors. Just wipe off any excess product not absorbed into the surface with a sponge, cloth or mop.