2011 Michigan Green Leaders Expo

Earth Choice ProductsRob Haun of Detergent Solutions exhibited Earth Choice, Kimberly Clark Professional and Diversey AHP (accelerated hydrogen peroxide) products at the 2nd annual Michigan Green Leaders Expo.  The Expo was sponsored by the Detroit Free Press and was held at the DTE headquarters in Detroit.

The keynote speech was delivered bill Bill Ford of the Ford Motor company.  Governor Rick Snyder and U.S. Rep. John Dingell spoke as well.  Gov. Rick Snyder challenged Michiganders and Michigan business leaders to work together in new ways to build a strong environment. ”Let’s find the common ground where we can do green things together,” Snyder told several hundred people attending.  The crowd seemed to agree with the message that we can all work to together to keep Michigan Green.  Representative Dingell vowed to “work together to keep Michigan Green”

Earth Choice products are environmentally friendly and best of all the work.  We received a considerable amount of interest in of Earth Choice laundry detergents.   Oxy-Laundry detergent has a pH of 7 and contains no phosphates.  Were having a considerable amount of success using it in assisted living, motels and even dairy farms.

We also had a considerable amount of interest in our Kleenex Slimfold, Slimroll and Scott Coreless toilet paper.  How can paper be green?    Kimberly Clark professional has decreased the case sizes thereby reducing the cost of shipping  its products which means transporting their paper uses less fuel. they have also reduced the packaging cartons, cardboard rolls and package the coreless paper in in recyclable sleeves.