IPSO Commercial Laundry Investment

Laundromats deliver results in the areas savvy investors are looking for, including substantial ROI, a high success rate and ease of management. Detergent Solutions can give you an overview of the coin laundry industry as well as an understanding why investors are seeking its recession-proof structure as a rewarding business opportunity. Detergent Solutions and IPSO can also provide detail statistics that illustrate why vended laundries will be businesses on the rise in North America for the foreseeable future.

It’s a simple fact; clean clothes are one of life’s necessities. Over the past few years, investors have discovered that necessity combined with high-quality IPSO commercial laundry equipment can be turned into profits in the coin laundry business.

Today, people are settling into purchased homes later in life. This highly mobile population has led to more renters. As a result, a fast paced society constantly is looking for faster ways to take care of basic tasks. Coin laundries equipped with IPSO’s large capacity commercial washer extractors and commercial tumble dryers enable customers to perform their laundry chore in far less time than in homestyle machines found in-unit or in common laundry rooms at apartment developments.

Investors who’ve tapped into the coin laundry business have discovered their modern laundries provide a consistent source of revenue, while requiring minimal management.

IPSO’s highly trained sales staff and Detergent Solutions can help new investors every step of the way in breaking into the laundry market. From site selection and equipment mix to marketing plans and management assistance, Detergent Solutions personnel simplify the process. In addition, the IPSO finance department stands ready to help make your