• Dairy Farm Commercial Laundry

    Dairy farms were hit hard with the lowest prices for their milk in 2009.  Now that class I milk prices are around $17.00 per hundred pounds things are getting better once again.  This is a great time to run the numbers and see if a commercial laundry can increase your farms profits. If your using [...]

  • Waltonwood Assisted Living Quantum Leaps

    I got a call last March from Chris Pavlinac, the Regional Facilities Manager for Singh Management Co., LLC.  Chris told me that was “sick of replacing worn out home style laundry equipment”  that he had been purchasing from a big box retailer.    Singh Management agreed to let Chris try 2 Quantum Front Load Washers [...]

  • Commercial Laundry Solutions

    If your looking for commercial or industrial laundry equipment parts or service, you have come to the right place. Because our customers needs vary, Detergent Solutions representatives are glad to meet with you to discuss your needs and develop a solution that’s best for your business. We distribute both Speed Queen and Cissell Commercial Laundry [...]