• IPSO Coin Laundry -Success Starts With Detergent Solutions

    Your goals aren’t simple. But with Detergent Solutions and IPSO’s® professionals and services assisting you, the pathway to those goals can be made easier. Detergent Solutions is now the IPSO Coin Laundry distributor for Michigan. Whether you’re an investor pursuing a profitable IPSO coin laundry business or an IPSO on premises laundry manager seeking the [...]

  • Consumes Organic Waste Malodors

    Eucalyptus BioOdor Digester is a special blend of nonpathogenic, active, bacterial cultures and eucalyptus odor counteractant designed to control malodors caused by organic waste such as decaying food, garbage, fecal matter and urine, etc. A ready-to-use formula that penetrates deep down into cracks and crevices and actually consumes organic waste found in hard-to-reach areas. Eucalyptus [...]

  • 2011 Michigan Green Leaders Expo

    Rob Haun of Detergent Solutions exhibited Earth Choice, Kimberly Clark Professional and Diversey AHP (accelerated hydrogen peroxide) products at the 2nd annual Michigan Green Leaders Expo.  The Expo was sponsored by the Detroit Free Press and was held at the DTE headquarters in Detroit. The keynote speech was delivered bill Bill Ford of the Ford [...]

  • IPSO Commercial Laundry Investment

    Laundromats deliver results in the areas savvy investors are looking for, including substantial ROI, a high success rate and ease of management. Detergent Solutions can give you an overview of the coin laundry industry as well as an understanding why investors are seeking its recession-proof structure as a rewarding business opportunity. Detergent Solutions and IPSO [...]

  • The Healthy Workplace

    U.S. companies lost $55 billion due to absenteeism in 2008. Each year, businesses pay about $1320 per employee for absenteeism. Fingers carrying a flu virus can contaminate up to 7 clean surfaces. Germs can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours! The comprehensive program by Kimberly Clark Professional provides you with the knowledge, products, [...]

  • Detergent Solutions Website Upgraded

    Detergent Solutions | High Performance Cleaning Solutions Press Release 9/23/10 Today we have launched our upgraded website to improve customer satisfaction, our service and expand product information available to our customers.  Our new site will offer package tracings as well as order history, payment history and account balances. Stop by to day and give us [...]

  • Leader Dogs for the Blind Chooses Topshot and Earth Choice

    This past July we installed a Speed Queen Quantum washer with Earth Choice Oxy ColorSafe Laundry Detergent and Earth Choice Softener in the puppy center at Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester, MI.  Earth Choice carries the EPA Design for the environment seal and is a better alternative to harsher detergents.  The detergent is [...]