Kalamazoo College Angell Field Atheltic Complex Laundry

Kalamazoo College Athletic LaundryTake a look at the new IPSO Laundry Room inside the New Angell Field Athletic Complex at Kalamazoo College.

Not only will the teams look great this year, so will their uniforms.   The new laundry is setup with Earth Choice Oxy Laundry Detergent and Earth Choice Softener both our which have the EPA “Designed for the Envionment Seal”.

The new laundry also is using 35% Oxygen Bleach which is basically organic Hydrogen Peroxide instead of Chlorine Bleach.


Lowering Costs & Increasing Satisfaction

We here at Detergent Solutions would like thank Norm (pictured above) and the Millennium Laundry of Lincoln Park MI for giving us the opportunity to decidedly upgrade their laundromat. This comes by way of 29 brand new IPSO commercial Horizon washer-extractors! (below, left to right) We see Kenny, Ryan, and Rob making sure these new efficient models are installed properly, and ready for customers to enjoy. Not only will the customer enjoy the shorter cycle times, but Millennium will appreciate their increased efficiency and lower water usage. Additionally, Millennium is upgrading their washers to use Flash Cash, the smartest and quickest way to pay for laundry! Be sure to stop in and admire the new scenery, and we wish Millennium Laundry the best with their new IPSO machines.











Flash Cash Coming to Detroit

Flash Cash RFID Contactless Payment System
Detergent Solutions is an IPSO coin laundry equipment and Greenwald Industries distributor in Sterling Heights, Michigan. We will be converting Millennium Coin Laundry from the current debit key system that they are currently using to Greenwald’s Flash Cash contactless payment system this winter. Millennium is the first coin laundry in the mid west to receive the Flash Cash system.

Flash Cash differs from the traditional smart card systems that use a copper micro chip which can be damaged over time. Flash Cash cards have RFID built within the card and cost less to operate. Millennium Coin Laundry is located in Lincoln Park, Michigan but the owner lives over an hour away. Using an internet browser form anywhere in the world you can run numerous reports and take control of the laundromat.

Greenwald/Detergent Solutions are going to convert Millennium’s existing Maytag coin washers and Maytag coin tumblers from the debit key product to Flash Cash. Millennium customers will also be enjoying 29 new IPSO Frontload Washers. Millennium will become the destination of choice for doing your laundry downriver.
Millennium Coin Laundry Location

IPSO Coin Laundry -Success Starts With Detergent Solutions

Your goals aren’t simple. But with Detergent Solutions and IPSO’s® professionals and services assisting you, the pathway to those goals can be made easier. Detergent Solutions is now the IPSO Coin Laundry distributor for Michigan.

Whether you’re an investor pursuing a profitable IPSO coin laundry business or an IPSO on premises laundry manager seeking the pinnacle of labor and utility savings, our approach is the same. IPSO coin laundry customers can receive one-on-one service from Detergent Solutions in Michigan. Together we are there to guide you from needs analysis to financing to start-up and long after.

Our products consist of user-friendly commercial washer extractors, drying tumblers and small laundry equipment, but IPSO’s greatest assets are its professionals dedicated to helping you reach your goals. That’s Simply IPSO.

Consumes Organic Waste Malodors

Eucalyptus BioOdor Digester is a special blend of nonpathogenic, active, bacterial cultures and eucalyptus odor counteractant designed to control malodors caused by organic waste such as decaying food, garbage, fecal matter and urine, etc. A ready-to-use formula that penetrates deep down into cracks and crevices and actually consumes organic waste found in hard-to-reach areas. Eucalyptus BioOdor Digester is a odor control treatment for foodservice waste in dumpsters, trash rooms, garbage cans and trash bins. Removes organic waste odors on carpet and water-safe, colorfast fabrics such as clothing, drapery, upholstery, etc. Can be used in restrooms or around building exteriors, on grout, concrete walls, sidewalks, pavements, etc.

Eucalyptus BioOdor Digester can be sprayed directly on urine deposits to eliminate odors. Just wipe off any excess product not absorbed into the surface with a sponge, cloth or mop.


2011 Michigan Green Leaders Expo

Earth Choice ProductsRob Haun of Detergent Solutions exhibited Earth Choice, Kimberly Clark Professional and Diversey AHP (accelerated hydrogen peroxide) products at the 2nd annual Michigan Green Leaders Expo.  The Expo was sponsored by the Detroit Free Press and was held at the DTE headquarters in Detroit.

The keynote speech was delivered bill Bill Ford of the Ford Motor company.  Governor Rick Snyder and U.S. Rep. John Dingell spoke as well.  Gov. Rick Snyder challenged Michiganders and Michigan business leaders to work together in new ways to build a strong environment. ”Let’s find the common ground where we can do green things together,” Snyder told several hundred people attending.  The crowd seemed to agree with the message that we can all work to together to keep Michigan Green.  Representative Dingell vowed to “work together to keep Michigan Green”

Earth Choice products are environmentally friendly and best of all the work.  We received a considerable amount of interest in of Earth Choice laundry detergents.   Oxy-Laundry detergent has a pH of 7 and contains no phosphates.  Were having a considerable amount of success using it in assisted living, motels and even dairy farms.

We also had a considerable amount of interest in our Kleenex Slimfold, Slimroll and Scott Coreless toilet paper.  How can paper be green?    Kimberly Clark professional has decreased the case sizes thereby reducing the cost of shipping  its products which means transporting their paper uses less fuel. they have also reduced the packaging cartons, cardboard rolls and package the coreless paper in in recyclable sleeves.





IPSO Commercial Laundry Investment

Laundromats deliver results in the areas savvy investors are looking for, including substantial ROI, a high success rate and ease of management. Detergent Solutions can give you an overview of the coin laundry industry as well as an understanding why investors are seeking its recession-proof structure as a rewarding business opportunity. Detergent Solutions and IPSO can also provide detail statistics that illustrate why vended laundries will be businesses on the rise in North America for the foreseeable future.

It’s a simple fact; clean clothes are one of life’s necessities. Over the past few years, investors have discovered that necessity combined with high-quality IPSO commercial laundry equipment can be turned into profits in the coin laundry business.

Today, people are settling into purchased homes later in life. This highly mobile population has led to more renters. As a result, a fast paced society constantly is looking for faster ways to take care of basic tasks. Coin laundries equipped with IPSO’s large capacity commercial washer extractors and commercial tumble dryers enable customers to perform their laundry chore in far less time than in homestyle machines found in-unit or in common laundry rooms at apartment developments.

Investors who’ve tapped into the coin laundry business have discovered their modern laundries provide a consistent source of revenue, while requiring minimal management.

IPSO’s highly trained sales staff and Detergent Solutions can help new investors every step of the way in breaking into the laundry market. From site selection and equipment mix to marketing plans and management assistance, Detergent Solutions personnel simplify the process. In addition, the IPSO finance department stands ready to help make your

Dairy Farm Commercial Laundry

Ken Doyle, Tech Services, Detergent Solutions Great LakesDairy farms were hit hard with the lowest prices for their milk in 2009.  Now that class I milk prices are around $17.00 per hundred pounds things are getting better once again.  This is a great time to run the numbers and see if a commercial laundry can increase your farms profits.

If your using paper dairy towels you can save money by switching to cotton or preferably microfiber dairy towels.  Paper towels run about $34.50 for a case of Kimberly Clark L10 dairy towels, that translates to about 3 cents per towel.   By installing a Commercial Washer and Tumbler from Speed Queen or IPSO, purchasing our Earth Choice Oxy Laundry Detergent and using Microfiber dairy towels we are able to reduce the cost to less than a penny per cow per milking.

Bleich Dairy Farm in Hudson, Michigan has 650 cows that are milked 3 times per day.  They were  using a service that was charging them $300 per month.  The service included use of 3 top load washer and dryers, service, microfiber towels and soap.  The top load washers held about 15 lbs of towels and consumed 75 Gallons of water per wash.  Drying the towels cost 90 minutes of LP gas to dry each load.Bleich Dairy Speed Queen Laundry (55lb Tumbler, 40lb Washer)

Eric Bleich said “the numbers make sense” and he purchased a 40lb 100 G-Force Speed Queen washer and a 55lb LP Gas Tumbler.  With the 40lb washer they are going to be able to reduce the number of washes by 66%.  Water consumption  to 79 gallons per load or 35% of the water used by the top load washers.  The program designed to wash the microfiber dairy towels, only uses 2 ounces of detergent for 400 towels.   Because the washer also extracts the towels until they are almost dry, we are able to complete the drying in 15-16 minutes.  Eric is “looking forward to seeing the significant savings on his LP gas bill”.

If your Milking 75 cows or 7500,  Detergent Solutions can come up with a solution to meet your dairy farm’s needs.  We have both financing and leasing options that can make a purchase affordable.

Please contact us at Sales@DetergentSolutions.com or call 888-338-7468.

The Healthy Workplace

U.S. companies lost $55 billion due to absenteeism in 2008. Each year, businesses pay about $1320 per employee for absenteeism. Fingers carrying a flu virus can contaminate up to 7 clean surfaces. Germs can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours! The comprehensive program by Kimberly Clark Professional provides you with the knowledge, products, tools and resources to help prevent germs in the workplace and reduce the costs of employee absenteeism.
Contact Detergent Solutions to find out how to make your workplace a “Health Workplace”.

Scott Slimroll is a True Breakthrough

The SCOTT® SLIMROLL Towel System is a true breakthrough in touchless hard roll technology, proving that good things do come in small, high performance packages! Dries in less space, the dispenser is nearly 50% smaller than standard SANITOUCH dispensers, but includes the same dependable dispenser module. Automatic transfer stub roll feature and emergency feed knob reduces waste and complaints.